Hungry, Hungry Alligators

If there’s anything worse than crawling around a filthy, rat invested basement during a category 5 hurricane it’s crawling around a filthy, rat invested basement full of hungry alligators during a category 5 hurricane.

Haley (Kaya Scodelario) tries to rescue her father (Barry Pepper) during a devastating hurricane but the two become trapped in a flooded basement full of alligators. I didn’t exactly expect a whole lot from Crawl and you shouldn’t either, as long as it’s entertaining then it’s a job well done and what more can you ask? We’re never going to get another Jaws standard movie so go in with low expectations, try not to pay too much attention to the script and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Crawl delivers on the one thing that matters, it won’t bore you and it’s not trying to be anything more than an average thriller. This film wastes absolutely no time getting started and gets straight to the violent chomping. It lays on the tension and keeps the frights coming and coming. I like a good monster movie I mean who doesn’t and Crawl is your typical entertaining thriller you can enjoy and then immediately forget once you leave the cinema. These movies always find their audience and normally do well at the box office. The budget for Crawl won’t break the bank so don’t be shocked if we get a Crawl 2 in a couple of years. It’s a hell of a lot better than The Meg but doesn’t come close to being anywhere near Jaws. Recommended for those of you who enjoyed Lake Placid or The Shallows.



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