The world’s greatest detective (no not you Sherlock, and not you either Hercule Poirot) is back again for another gripping tale. It’s none other than Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig). Now in Greece, Detective Blanc investigates a new murder with a whole new bunch of suspects.

Eccentric billionaire Miles Bron (Edward Norton) invites his dearest friends to his private island for a murder mystery weekend and sure wouldn’t you know it, an actual murder happens. Again you’re presented with a bunch of awful characters all with unique motives and it’s up to the world’s greatest detective to solve the case. With Knives Out director Rian Johnson showed cinema audiences what could be done with the whodunit genre. Highly entertaining, immensely funny and packed full of enough twists and red herrings to keep you engaged, and ensure you enjoy yourself while the mystery unfolds.

Knives Out revived the whodunit genre and since 2019 there has been an increase in murder mystery movies, not all of which have been great let’s be honest. Yet it’s a genre that when done right it’s a real crowd pleaser and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is just as entertaining as its predecessor. The set-up takes a while to kick off, with a murder mystery the murder should generally happen in the first act and with Glass Onion it happens a bit later than expected, but the Knives Out franchise seems to continually push the boundaries of the whodunit genre and experiments with the rules.

Although I preferred the story in the first Knives Out movie, the sequel has enough laughs and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat while the different layers of the story unfolds. Each new twist reels you deeper and deeper into the mystery. The script is filled with humour and very clearly drawing from real life events within the last three years. Very topical but most importantly it has another brilliant performance from Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc. It really is a joy to see him again onscreen in a non James Bond role. I really enjoyed this and look forward to another instalment from Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is another enjoyable and entertaining murder mystery. Unfortunately Netflix bought the rights to the franchise and it was only in cinemas for a week, a completely missed opportunity to let this run in cinemas for longer. It’s really better suited to see with a crowd but for anyone who didn’t manage to see it on the big screen it’s available to stream at home from December 23rd. Highly recommended and a definite must see for fans of Knives Out.



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