The Conjuring has it’s own Universe now, just think about that for a minute

Did you like The Conjuring? Did you like The Conjuring 2? Well here’s a movie to tide you over until the Conjuring 3. Yes I know we already got an Annabelle movie but it made a ton of money so now we’re “rewarded” with another one. Ooh goody. So buckle up for nearly two hours of quiet, quiet, bang, screaming, more screaming, Annabelle on a rocking chair, jump scare, jump scare, jump scare and roll credits.

There are only so many times you can bombard the audience with frights before you lose them completely. Like so many other horror films it suffers from the build-up being better than the reveal. Seriously the last thing The Conjuring movies needed was its own universe but here we are anyway. An endless parade of unoriginal cash grabbing spinoffs. Annabelle Creation is one giant jump scare so unless you’re truly desperate for your horror movie fix give this one a miss. It doesn’t deserve your money.



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