the purge
Don’t worry if you’ve lost track of what purge movie we’re on, this will be probably be the last

It’s purging season everyone. You’ve seen the Purge, you’ve seen the Purge two, you probably haven’t seen the Purge three but now it’s prequel time so buckle up for the very first Purge. Directed by Gerard McMurray and written by John DeMonaco, the same guy who wrote all the other purge movies. Also starring a bunch of actors who I’m not bothering to name, it’s a purge movie, do you really care who’s in it? Crazy, masked, knife wielding psychopaths, innocent victims and the evil corporate suits, yep it’s a purge movie alright.

The controversial experiment created by the new founding fathers of America (NFFA) is ready for a trial run in Staten Island. The experiment promises to reduce crime to below 1% for the rest of the year as long as people can release all their anger and rage in one night. Staying on the island for the purge is optional yet the majority simply couldn’t afford to leave. On top of that, those who do stay are offered payment and others are strongly encouraged to participate with the promise of even more financial rewards depending on how much they participate. Very much taking advantage of the oppressed and marginalized. Participants must also wear tracking chips and high tech contacts for recording the first purge. They also make the wearer look like zombies, which adds to the horror theme, so bonus. Yet much to the disappointment of the NFFA the purge doesn’t have the high level of participation expected at first. But when a whole group of new gangs show up and quickly escalate the purge it becomes apparent that this is more than just a sociological experiment.

Gives everything you expect from a purge movie, extreme violence, violence while wearing masks and an unnecessary amount of jump scares. Although I think most of them came from the same person. One dimensional characters in a mediocre film. When it finally gets going it’s entertaining in the moment but very forgettable afterwards. I would say this should put an end to the purge franchise but if there’s one thing these low budget horror movies can do successfully it’s make a lot of money. Recommended for fans of the purge franchise.



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