It’s not the worst “lost in the woods” horror movie you could watch

Lads don’t go on typical lads holiday and lads quickly regret not going on typical lads holiday. No they don’t go to Vegas, they go hiking in Sweden in memory of their deceased friend (insert generic lad name here) but when the bunch of mates decide to take a shortcut through the scary woods in order to get back to the pub sooner things don’t quite go according to plan. Oh sure take a shortcut through the creepy woods sure why not mate. What could go wrong mate? Well we’ve all seen The Blair Witch Project so a lot could go wrong mate. Perhaps it’s a little unfair to compare it to The Blair Witch Project but honestly you can’t help it.

Are they being followed? Hunted? If so just what is it that’s hunting them? A ghost? A monster? A giant tree perhaps? If you want to find out then you better go see it for yourself. The first hour or so is scary enough, atmospheric to say the least. But the last half hour…not so much. At some point it just starts to get silly and I couldn’t help but think the book is probably a lot better than this. Nothing special mate, enjoyable in the moment and instantly forgettable. Recommended for all you horror fans.



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