Not as bad as Jaws The Revenge but damn it’s still terrible

And the award for stupidest sharks in a motion picture goes to all the sharks that appeared in 47 Meters Down. Congratulations guys I’m sure it wasn’t easy but no one deserves this more than you. Sure I wasn’t expecting much but a little entertainment would have been nice. What’s annoying about this is it was so close to being a decent shark movie, it went for it and failed.

Girls go in the cage, cage goes in the water, sharks in the water. The two main characters are so mind numbingly irritating you’re left rooting for them to be eaten. Unlikable characters doing absolutely everything wrong never works. Particularly in a so called horror movie. From the opening scene with girl one (whose name I forget) crying over her boyfriend dumping her for being too boring, to her sister convincing her to go cage diving with sharks so he won’t think she’s so boring this movie never stood a chance. To sum up, it’s paranormal activity underwater. Recommended if you enjoy bad shark movies for everyone else skip it.



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