A simple idea very well executed and a must see for all those looking for a scary movie this Halloween. And sure there’s an actual Halloween movie out now (yes another one) that could you watch. But do you want the same idea rehashed again or do you want to actually be scared? Make your choice.

12-year-old Tinja (Siiri Solalinna) is a young gymnast struggling under the stress of her demanding mother (Sophia Heikkilä). Tinja finds a strange egg in the woods outside her house and decides to keep it hidden in her room. Instead of noticing her troubled daughter, her mother is far too concerned with her social media addiction and obsession with portraying their lives as the picture perfect family image whereas the reality is far from that. Although it’s clear this isn’t an ordinary egg, when it hatches, what emerges is more horrifying than anyone could have imagined.

Hatching isn’t exactly going to keep you up at night but it’s a great idea and keeps you invested the entire time. Foreign language films generally have an extra edge to them and with this I wasn’t sure at all where it was going. It’s somewhere between a monster movie and a psychological thriller. It’s uneasy viewing alright and becomes more disturbing by the minute. It’s got a lot more depth beneath the surface which ensures it won’t just be remembered as an average horror movie.

And sure look, originality in the horror genre is always refreshing, I love to see new ideas put on the big screen. You’ll always have the likes of the stale Halloween movies or Scream but those painfully generic franchises have long since lost their spark. Hatching on the other hand is a reminder that with a simple idea and a decent script you can make a creepy horror that will scare audiences.

An eerie and atmospheric horror movie done right with the feelings of a dark fairytale running throughout. Highly recommended for all the horror movie fans.



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