Unforgettable, that’s what you are

About 90% of this movie is Katherine Heigl staring at various people and/or things while ominous music increases in the background gradually becoming more and more menacing just to let you know oh yes she’s the evil one, just look at the way she’s staring at her computer screen while the scary music is being scary. I’m so glad the music came on to let me know she’s evil, otherwise I would have been terribly confused. This movie treats the audience like they’re stupid and as a result you get a lazy, rushed together movie that honestly doesn’t deserve your time. The other 10% of the movie is one dimensional characters with failed attempts at character development doing absolutely everything wrong it eventually becomes laughable.

If you’re watching this hoping it will eventually pull itself together into a decent little thriller you’ll be left waiting. Not recommended, it’s bland, uninspired and oh what’s the word I’m looking for, oh yes it’s completely forgettable.


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