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Well the Conjuring Universe is back with yet another money making spinoff, everyone’s favourite Nun Valak

Come on down to Romania’s scariest castle, join The Nun and all her nun friends in one of this years most over the top horrors. Also featuring a priest with a haunted past, a young nun on the verge of making her final vows and a Frenchman who’s just there for plot reasons. Sent by the Vatican to investigate the mysterious death of a young nun at a cloistered abbey in Romania. Together they confront a malevolent force in the form of The Nun.

Get ready for 96 minutes of creepy exterior shots of the scary castle, then cut to the scary foggy woods surrounding the castle and then to the scary graveyard in the grounds of the castle. It doesn’t take long for The Nun to show up to scare you over and over again. It’s so in your face constantly, practically grabbing you and screaming in your face in the hope of scaring you. Repetitive and predictable to the point of boredom. The Nun growling at you and then chasing you down a scary candle lit corridor and repeat. Again and again, just when you think the jump scares are over. Bang oh there’s the Nun again growling in the corner but oh she has all her nun mummy friends with her too. Oh now she’s in the mirror, no wait she’s behind you. Yawn, this was a tedious mess. The Conjuring movies are entertaining “you get what you pay for” horrors whereas their spinoffs Annabelle and now The Nun are unnecessary horror movies based around minor characters in the Conjuring Universe, nobody asked for their own movie or origin story. We don’t really care where they came from to be honest. They showed up in The Conjuring, did their thing and that’s it. We don’t need to know how the Nun came to be or who she’s killed along the way, not everything needs an explanation. Just take a look at what Prometheus/Alien Covenant did to the franchise. Just because the Nun got some good scares in The Conjuring 2 doesn’t mean the same will translate into a single movie. So please Conjuring Universe can you stop with the spinoffs, somehow they’re getting worse. Enough. Not recommended, avoid or face the consequences.



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