A film that certainly needs no introduction but you’re getting one anyway. A biopic about the one and only King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley. From director Baz Luhrmann comes an epic life story on Elvis played by Austin Butler. Spanning from his childhood in Mississippi, his rise to stardom in Memphis, Tennessee and then onto Las Vegas. There is so much packed into this biopic, from his younger years and the aspects of his life that influenced his music but mainly his relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks).

Prepare yourself for the most insane, extravagant and spectacular movie of the year. I didn’t think Baz Luhrmann could possibly out Baz Luhrmann himself but it seems he had another level and all it took was bringing an icon onto the big screen. Look I wasn’t a fan of Luhrmann’s other movies but I absolutely loved Elvis, he was the perfect director to bring the King of Rock ‘n Roll to the big screen in the most accurate portrayal you’ll ever see. Whether you’re a big Elvis fan or not, this biopic is a masterpiece. I loved it, it’s breathtaking and I don’t care what else comes out this year, give Austin Butler all the awards.

Butler aced this performance, he captured the voice, mannerisms and the charisma of Elvis better than anyone else. You quickly forget you’re watching an actor. If there was ever a clear case of someone born to play a role it’s Austin Butler as Elvis. He was perfect, his singing and dance moves were exceptional. The greatest performance in a musical biopic by a long shot. Tom Hanks as the parasitic Colonel Tom Parker was an interesting casting choice and although there are other actors who may have suited the role better he played the part very well, even if he was doing a little too much narration. The movie exposes the relationship between Presley and his manager that’s sure to trigger some strong emotions from the audience. I don’t cry at movies but let me tell you, by the end things were getting quite emotional. Easily one of the best films of the year.

I was a bit concerned this might be an overly long mess but any reservations I had disappeared from the moment Austin Butler took to the stage for the first time and transformed into Elvis Presley. There is a lot packed into this and for the diehard Elvis fans, allegedly a four hour version exists so there’s even more to enjoy. Two hours forty minutes may seem overly long for some people but I’d honestly watch more of this. Austin Butler is just that good. The film itself is a dazzling and flashy extravaganza so full of energy you can’t help but love it.

Baz Luhrmann is a director who completely understood the assignment, telling the life story of Elvis in a respectful and mostly truthful manner. He’s clearly a massive Elvis fan because his love and adoration for him shines through. We’ve had quite a few music biopics over the years but I have to say Elvis beats them all. As someone who liked Elvis’s music but wasn’t well informed on his personal life I was shocked and saddened by how his life played out. It’s quite an intense journey of emotions and an honest portrayal of the unique man that was Elvis. The atmosphere is electric, perfectly capturing the obsession people had with the music icon. There is so much energy in this and the cinema erupted in applause when it ended.

It doesn’t matter what else comes out this year, Austin Butler deserves all the awards for that performance. He practically melts away and becomes Elvis right in front of you. The dude was amazing, the film is amazing, why are you still reading this? Get yourselves to the cinema now to see this on the biggest, loudest screen possible. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t much of an Elvis fan before now, see the movie and I promise you will be. I don’t give five star ratings lightly, but Elvis really earned this. Highly recommended for everyone.



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