It’s Charlize Theron beating absolutely everyone to a bloody pulp to a brilliant movie soundtrack. What more do you want in an action movie? Seriously don’t expect much more than that because you won’t get it. Don’t expect a riveting spy story set during the fall of the Berlin Wall. It moves from scene to scene in a series of brilliant cinematography and colours. A painfully generic and predictable story with no surprises in store for you, nothing that stands out. The only positive outcome of this is there is nothing to distract you from the gritty fight scenes of which there are many. And where the story fails you the stunts certainly make up for it and then some. Charlize is performing most of her own stunts and it really shows. Perfect casting, she is the female action hero we not only deserve but need right now.

I really enjoyed Atomic Blonde but I couldn’t help thinking that it should have been that little bit better, and although there’s nothing in the story that will stick in your mind there are some truly unforgettable fight scenes so if you love a good action flick don’t miss Atomic Blonde. Recommended.



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