A mysterious spa or “wellness centre” set in a remote part of the Swiss Alps. Much like Shutter Island you’re left wondering what’s real and what’s not. Just a shame it’s not as good as Shutter Island. So what are you watching really? Is it a dream? Is it a hallucination? No it’s just a mediocre film that really thinks it’s smarter than it is. As the story unfolds you’re left with nothing shocking or surprising and not only that but you’ll have it figured out soon enough. What is does have is enough disturbingly grotesque scenes to make you squirm in your seat and I can safely say I cannot look at eels or dentists the same again.

You’ll spend a good portion of the film internally yelling at Dane DeHaan, no don’t do that, don’t drink that, no stop okay never mind. Jason Isaacs is definitely the stand out performance, although a little over the top in one particular instance he’s still the best thing in this. I was really with this film up until a certain point. Overall it’s an unfocused movie that is simply too long, gradually getting more and more ridiculous. Descending into a horribly messy ending that you eventually become disinterested in. Recommended if you’ve seen all the Oscar movies and looking for something a little off beat.



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