brigsby bear.jpg
Delightfully weird and entertaining

Sometimes it’s great to go into a movie completely blind, I knew absolutely nothing about Brigsby Bear beforehand, I hadn’t even seen the trailer let alone knew anything about the plot and I loved it. One of this year’s quirkiest movies, Brigsby Bear is refreshingly entertaining and funny.

Brigsby Bear is a children’s TV show made for only one person, James Pope (Kyle Mooney). He has learned everything from this one TV show and it has shaped his entire life, so when it unexpectedly ends James takes it upon himself to finish the story to his beloved TV show. There’s very little I can say about the story for fear of spoilers just know that it’s a wonderfully original film that you can’t help but love. High emotions run throughout taking unexpected turns where it can, even with the dark undertone it’s charming and enjoyable. Film fans do not miss the chance to see this. I don’t care how far away your closest cinema is or what time it’s playing this movie, if you enjoy film and the film making process at all definitely take the time to see it. Highly recommended.



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