If you’ve seen the trailer then Colossal needs no introduction. For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer Ann Hathaway is the slightly annoying, out of work, “let’s party into the early hours of the morning” kind of girl. After hitting a rough patch with her boyfriend she is forced to move back to her hometown. Meanwhile a giant monster randomly appears and starts destroying Seoul, eventually she starts to realise that she is somehow connected to this monster.

It’s as bizarre as it sounds but in the current cinema world of remakes, sequels and prequels nothing is more refreshing than some originality. So hats off to everyone involved in creating this unique monster movie with a twist. No it’s not perfect but it did manage to win me over. Although it drags a little in the middle it’s highly enjoyable and wonderfully quirky. What more can I say, there’s really nothing you can compare it to. Definite recommendation, if you get a chance to see Colossal then take it.



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