Oh Hi Mark

For anyone who has seen The Room then this needs no introduction, for everyone else all you need to know is The Room is quite possibly the worst film ever made. And as someone who has recently watched The Room before seeing The Disaster Artist you do not have to see it unless you really want to, because it really is as terrible as you’ve heard. In fact it’s probably worse. The mystery that is Tommy Wiseau, whether he’s just a little eccentric or downright bonkers one thing’s for sure he is going to be a star and he is going to make the greatest movie ever. Where he came from, how old he is and where the seemingly endless pit of money is coming from no one knows but sit back and enjoy James Franco completely transform himself into Wiseau and get a taste of what went on behind the scenes of the making of The Room.

The Room is so horrendously terrible you either love it or hate it but no matter how you feel about it everyone can appreciate The Disaster Artist for its charm, humour and the spectacular recreation of the original scenes from The Room. The attention to detail in every way was perfect, not a movie to leave during the end credits. It begins with the friendship between Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero and continues with their decision to move to LA in an attempt to make it as big movie stars. When this doesn’t happen the way they expect Wiseau decides to write, produce, star and direct his own masterpiece and thus The Room was born. You don’t always see an actor completely lose themselves in a role but James Franco does just that effortlessly. At no point do you see James, he pays homage to Tommy brilliantly and only the way a true fan could. One minute you’re laughing at his performance and the next you’re filled with sympathy for his character. Everything that seemed to go on behind the scenes of The Room was a disaster I only wished they had shown a little more in that area and a little less of the build up. A movie about the making of a movie so bad over time it developed a cult following. It’s easy to make a bad movie, there’s so many you can take your pick but to make a bad movie that so many people love is rare. The Disaster Artist is up there with Ed Wood and it’s highly recommended.



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