american made

American Made proves that if an actor sticks to what they’re good at then they can get away with anything. So Tom we’ll try to forgive you for The Mummy. It won’t be easy but this is a good start.
You’ve got money laundering, drug smuggling and Pablo Escobar. It ticks all the boxes. Based on the true life events of Barry Seal. However you very quickly forget you’re watching a biopic. This is TOM CRUISE in American Made. TOM CRUISE is doing TOM CRUISE as only TOM CRUISE does best. See TOM CRUISE fly all over the world in a whirlwind of guns, money and charisma. A very fast paced and entertaining story, wasting absolutely no time from the get go. So if you find yourself stuck for this week’s movie fix well look no further. No it’s not the type of movie you’d re-watch but a definite recommendation.


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