There’s one reason and one reason only to see Unsane and that’s Claire Foy

Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy) is involuntarily committed to a mental institution but her greatest fear follows her. Is it real or is it all in her head? A psychological thriller that isn’t afraid to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible provoking quite a lot of nervous laughter from the audience. The twists and turns keep on coming and although not everything works Unsane is an effective horror/thriller worth your time.

Claire Foy is owning this film, giving a terrific central performance. Unsane leaves you with that uneasy feeling “what if this could happen?” A simple, focused and well executed story that only drifts into the realm of ridiculous and/or endless clichés occasionally but as with most horrors that does tend to happen in the third act. Claire Foy’s performance aside, the most notable thing about Unsane is it was shot entirely using an iphone camera. Giving it an effortlessly realistic look with a touch of claustrophobia. Not something I’d like to see more of if I’m honest but for this film with the almost single location setting it did the trick. If you’re looking for this week’s popcorn thriller then Unsane is recommended.



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