death day
Meanwhile Blumhouse are still dominating the Horror genre

Happy Death Day, the Groundhog Day meets horror movie which came out two years ago has for some reason gotten a sequel. For those of you who haven’t seen the first Happy Death Day, college student Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) must relive the same day over and over, getting murdered by someone in a baby face mask until she figures out who the murderer is. A movie so bad it’s good and so good it made over twenty times its budget, not only have we gotten a sequel but there’s a strong possibility of a third movie thus completing the trilogy. Happy Death Day 2U sees the return of Tree and if she thought dying over and over again was bad things just get a whole lot worse for poor Tree as she’s faced with some rather surprising moral dilemmas with dangerous consequences.

I really don’t believe Happy Death Day needed a sequel, especially a sequel that honestly doesn’t know what genre it wants to be anymore. I don’t remember anyone asking for an explanation to the time loops but Happy Death Day 2U decides to give one anyway in the form of some really smart college students creating a molecular quantum glowy ball thing that isn’t really doing what it’s supposed to do but is definitely doing something freaky because why not? Why wouldn’t the time loops be created like this, Happy Death Day 2U makes the decision to just hop into a whole other genre. The first one is very much rooted in horror but this was all over the place. I felt it was a mess, story wise it just wasn’t working for me and it only got worse, by the end it felt like a soap it was that overly dramatic. Despite this and the truly awful script, it’s got more than a few laugh out loud moments, possibly for all the wrong reasons but that doesn’t really matter if it’s still making you laugh. And I did laugh, numerous times at just how daft this film is. Particularly Jessica Rothe who honestly plays this part so well, alongside a whole group of mediocre actors her performance stands out even more for an hour and a half and considering so many horror/comedies fail at this I have to give it some kudos because I have seen much worse. It’s a bad movie that will entertain you. The first one is a better film and I stand by my earlier comment, there was no need for a sequel but something’s gotta pay the bills, recommended for fans of Happy Death Day.


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