I’m really impressed they managed to squish everyone onto the poster

Ten years and eighteen movies have led up to this moment and we’re finally here. So feel free to completely lose it because Avengers: Infinity War deserves all of your praise. From the very first teaser trailer the hype and expectations were high but it certainly did deliver. Avengers set the bar quite high and honestly some of their movies since haven’t reached the standard (looking at you Age of Ultron and Civil War) and although I was apprehensive about Infinity War Part One I couldn’t help get caught up in the hype. Everything from the story, visual effects and more importantly the sheer number of characters will drive your inner fanboy crazy. Seeing them all interact with each other is worth losing it over.

Thanos (Josh Brolin) has finally made a real appearance, sporting a shiny gauntlet all ready to gather up the infinity stones. The Avengers and their allies must now risk everything to protect the world from Thanos. The tone is much darker than the usual Marvel formula yet impressively it still managed to keep the comedy. It’s highly emotional, more than any other Marvel movie, the stakes are higher, there are real consequences and no character is safe. The endless stream of superhero movies we get year in year out don’t have much of an impact anymore, they’re predictable and safe to the point of boredom. Infinity War has brought everything to a new level. Everyone gets their moment, it doesn’t suffer from the characters fighting for screen time and it doesn’t suffer from a boring and predictable plot. The back story and character development on Thanos was unexpected and added extra depth to the story. The Avengers movies have always gotten the villains right but Thanos is exceptional. I’ve always preferred the solo superhero movies but as far as group movies go this is without a doubt one of the best. The superhero genre has finally gotten tiresome but Marvel has given us another terrific superhero movie. Sure it’s got some issues, mainly the running time, 2hours and 30minutes for part one seems excessive yet in saying that I’ve seen shorter movies that felt a lot longer so I can’t complain too much. It’s entertaining, emotional and fun, the best Avengers movie since Avengers one. There’s no real need for a recommendation, all you die-hard Marvel fans have probably already seen Infinity War. For everyone else, if you’re in any way into superhero films then yes Infinity War is highly recommended.



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