How many terrible prequels need to get made before they finally stop?

Can somebody please tell Ridley Scott to stop making any more Alien movies, congratulations you got it spectacularly right once and now it’s gone. Get over it. Move on and stop with these unnecessary prequels. Alien Covenant has been described as the third best Alien movie, believe me that is not a compliment. If you thought Prometheus was enough to ruin the franchise well then, Alien Covenant only makes it worse. Much worse. And by its creator of all people. How ironic. Alien marked a turning point for horror movies and raised the standard so it’s disheartening to see Alien Covenant fall so far below the standard we expect.

Set ten years after Prometheus we get even more backstory to the Alien, complete with yet another expendable crew, another robot and yes, another lazy story. It’s nothing you haven’t seen already. Taking all the bad from the previous Alien movies along with all the bad from other horror movies you’ve seen before, mixes them together throws in a couple of gory scenes for dramatic effect and you’re left with a movie that falls into the exact same trap as Prometheus. No character development so when it’s time to start killing off the crew one by one nobody really cares. I’m officially done with the Alien franchise, I refuse to contribute any more to what can only be described as a cash grab. What a bitterly disappointing end to an iconic movie. Under no circumstance would I recommend Alien Covenant to anyone, so you’ve been warned.



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